Are you a

human doing

or a

human being?

Through mindfulness, I help transform stuck human doings into happy human beings!

We think it should be simple:

DO X, and you’ll HAVE Y.

All this doing gets us stuck…

We must rediscover what it means to be a human being.

Through being, peace and happiness become available to us in every moment!


Once I finally DO X,

I'll be Y

When we do without the foundation of being we live in scarcity.

There's nothing wrong with you
(but you are different)

Maybe you feel like you've never fit in, you can't get unstuck, or are constantly doing without results.

You're unique. What's worked for someone else isn't going to work for you.

Instead of chasing the person you think you SHOULD be, what if you leaned into what makes you different?

A mindful approach.

Hi, I'm Alyssia. I'm a life coach, health coach, and mindfulness mentor.

We tend to forget that our life is made of moments.

We spend so much of our time ruminating about the past or anxiously planning the future, that we end up missing the very moment in front of us.

Suddenly, we find ourselves years older, uncertain of how time passed so quickly.

With the practice of presence, life slows down.

To create the future we want, we must take action from the present moment!

More about Alyssia

What we'll do together.

With mindfulness as a framework, I'll help you develop tools to shift your perspective and integrate being into your life.

Build your
"Being Toolbox."

We'll work together develop a set of tools and skills catered to you and your needs that will help you live in the present moment each and every day.

Untangle and reframe.

Together we'll use mindfulness, positive psychology, and contemplative neuroscience to achieve the transformation you're looking for, and to learn to live in the now.


We focus on your individual needs, desires, fears, and goals to get you living your best life. Often, we find we are chasing something we don't even care about. What do you care about?

Your future starts NOW.

You’ve heard people say “you already have everything you need” ...and it’s true.

But it’s kind of like, saying “eat less and you’ll lose weight.”

You can intellectually understand the concept, but it doesn’t mean you know what to do with it, or how to be, or that you have the most effective tools to help you reach the goal, which is why most people struggle with it.

Coaching is about unlocking that power within you, and I do believe ownership is everything. I already know you are amazing and powerful—but we need YOU to see that.

For that exploration, I love turning to the power of tools. Physical, emotional, and mental tools can help us reframe and shift perspectives—which is essential to achieving the transformation and future you’re after!

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Transformation requires transition

We get caught up in the “before and after” of a transformation—but all the work and magic happens in that “transition” period.

As much as we wish we could skip over it, it is the wisdom that’s gained during this transition that makes the transformation rewarding and sustainable.

It serves us to know what the heck is happening during the journey… with awareness, we start to see that the journey is actually the destination.


The definition of perfectionism is “refusing to accept anything short of perfection,” and it’s pretty much a synonym for misery.

Humans are inherently flawed beings. When we argue with reality, we lose 100% of the time.

I spent years thinking I could out-smart nature and attain perfection. I don’t know about you, but more often than not, it kept me stuck—afraid of failure and constantly putting off living my life.

Take control of your physical and mental health.

We’ve been told our bodies should work like an equation.

Eat this much food, become that number on the scale. Unfortunately, human beings are integrated and complex creatures—there’s more to it than numbers.

All the stress (often stress around food and health) is contributing to obesity and heart disease—what a paradox!

We’ll fill your Being Toolbox with stress management skills to help you achieve peak physical and mental health.

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I want you to have ownership over your life—and that includes your health.

If you have health goals that you’ve struggled to reach, whether they're physical goals such as weight loss, or mental and emotional goals like healing your relationship with food, I’m here to help.

After years of my own yo-yo dieting struggles to lose weight, I finally healed my relationship with food through mindfulness—and the weight actually came off on its own, without struggle—and has stayed off with my weight maintained for almost three years.

And so, my approach to health has changed significantly from when I started helping people lose weight. I coach through the “inner/outer wisdom” framework, which I explain in the video here. My goal is to help you cultivate and trust your own inner wisdom, so that the outer wisdom tools can serve you. Most likely, you already have plenty of outer wisdom already!


Success stories

Clare J.

I hesitated with the idea of coaching because I’m pretty determined and self-motivated. Did I really need one?

But when I came across the whole “human doing vs. human being” thing I was sold—I realized how stuck I was as a human doing!

I had figured out how to make money, but was always unsatisfied with what I was doing, how I felt, and my relationships.

Alyssia helped me figure out what mindfulness really is, and provided tools and practices that have helped me shift my perspective on life! Thank you, Alyssia!

Elena S.

Alyssia is an extremely intelligent and knowledgeable professional.

Her coaching expertise covers all the areas that are extremely important to anybody who wants to live a healthier and happier life.

Alyssia has helped me with many different topics - from balanced nutrition and healthy eating habits to mindfulness, self-love, and self-compassion.

It was my greatest pleasure to work with Alyssia, and I appreciate her professionalism, dedication, and concentration on the client’s needs. 

Josh M.

Alyssia WOW! I can confidently say that having Alyssia coach me was an eye-opening experience.

She got me from a spot that was stagnant and frustrating to a place that has hope moving forward.

She allowed me to see there is a sense of confidence in myself and I now have a game plan moving forward.

If you're feeling like there is more out there and you have way more to give, I would highly recommend investing in yourself and hiring Alyssia as your guide to success!

Hillary S.

When Alyssia told me what led her to mindfulness, I knew she was the real deal.

I generally feel like ‘mindfulness’ and ‘gratitude’ are words that are often used without their full meaning and purpose. Leaning into her work and process will lead you to a more peaceful, fulfilled, blissful way of living.

You’ll come away with tools to navigate the hard parts of life, and through that navigation, the everyday ‘easy’ parts of life become even sweeter.

Alyssia listens well, responds thoughtfully, and with empathy and care. Her passion for this practice and the richness it fills your life with is undoubtedly palpable.

If you’re stuck in the weeds, feeling hopeless and struggling to find meaning, look no further. Alyssia’s coaching will ground you in your practice and your life-I’m so grateful for her!

Lucas T.

Talking with Alyssia has been the highlight of my last two years! Her approach to life through mindfulness has helped me not only make big decisions, but has also helped with small choices in my day-to-day life.

I was about to have spine surgery, and between that and all the stress, I’d put on a lot of weight. My entire life I’ve struggled with body image issues, which then lead to binge eating and then bulimia, so my relationship with food has been harmful to my body as well as my mental health.

Finding Alyssia felt like finding the light at the end of the tunnel! The first very lesson I learned with her was the importance of self-compassion, which helped me immensely in my recovery from my surgery. 

She also helped me in learning to practice mindfulness, understanding the benefits of meditation, and learning how to listen to my body. I’m still a work in progress and I always want to be, thank you Alyssia for being a key part of my journey!

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