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Life Coach or Mindfulness Mentor?

Life Coach or Mindfulness Mentor?

Life coaches tend to focus on performance. Mentors are more concerned with long-term development.

Mindfulness is available to you in every moment—but we need to learn how to access it with tools and practice.

I want you to achieve all of the success that will bring you happiness and fulfillment—but that deeper transformation into peace requires a transition

Together, we’ll figure out how to best implement mindfulness into your life, which can provide an undercurrent and foundation of being to make sure the doing serves you!

We’ll bridge the gap between now and where you want to be. The best chance you have at getting the future you envision is through the intentions and actions that take place in this moment.

Coaching packages.

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Food Freedom Package (10 weeks)

About this package:

If you’re sick of being tied to numbers like calories, macros, and pounds on the scale, and are eager to let go of food “rules,” you might be ready to dive into your Food Freedom journey!

This value package focuses on cultivating “inner wisdom” as a foundation, and learning to integrate “outer wisdom” skillfully.

These sessions are more structured, with an intention to bridge the gap between feeling stuck with food, and free! Please note that the focus of this package is not weight loss (although we can certainly talk about approaching Food Freedom weight loss wisely!). 

  • 10 1-on-1 coaching sessions, weekly
  • Access to Food Freedom Course ($297 value)
  • Mindful Eating Workshop replay ($49 value)
  • Weekly journal prompts
  • 10+ Worksheets & Tools PDFs
  • Recorded guided meditations & audio exercises

**This package is only available to participants who are willing to develop a daily mindfulness meditation practice (starting at 5 minutes per day, and working up toward 20-30), and commit to 1-2 additional hours per week to “homework” and action steps!

Individual Sessions (first time clients)

About this package:

Not sure if you’re ready to commit to a package, or looking to work on a short-term issue? I offer individual sessions for life and health coaching.

Clients who have previously worked with me through one of my package offerings are eligible for a rate of $50 less per session than the standard individual rate.

General Coaching Packages (8 or 16 sessions)

About this package:

If you’re interested in general health or life coaching, or if you’ve already done some work on finding Food Freedom on your own or with me, a package of coaching sessions provides value and flexibility at discounted rates. These sessions can be scheduled weekly or bi-weekly.

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