Hi! I'm alyssia.

Hi! I'm

What does it mean to be?

I grew up thinking there was one path to happiness: make money.

If you liked what you did, it was a bonus. I regularly felt a tug from my authentic self, but had conditioned myself to ignore her calling.

As I grew, ignoring that authenticity got harder. I turned to food for comfort, constantly in a battle with my weight and body image.

I was doing all the things that I was “supposed” to, but still always found myself miserable and living in scarcity. There was never enough money, success, weight lost, time, peace, love, satisfaction, fulfillment, or worthiness.

In my mid-twenties, I hit rock bottom.

My authentic self couldn’t handle the unattainable perfectionism or being ignored anymore. To protect myself, I’d grown completely numb.

Finally, she screamed at me until I had no choice:
listen to me—or stop living.”

It was an awakening that involved a lot of pain, tears, years, mistakes, retreats, and therapy. On the other side, I found abundance through being. All the tools that helped me make it through I still personally use to this day—and I’m eager to share the peace that I’ve found with you.

I felt like I was on a hamster wheel.

Most people didn’t know how unhappy I was.

I hid it so well, thinking I “should” be happy. After all, I’d built a successful Instagram business with one million followers.

It wasn’t enough. So, I started a YouTube channel, which has amassed nearly one million followers.

I still wasn’t happy.

I was working all day long, every day. Doing, doing, doing.

Telling myself I “should” be happy because I was working for myself—checking off all the boxes of “success” set by everyone else’s standards.

I was sure there was something wrong with me.

But really, I was hustling for my worth.

I had no idea what I actually was chasing—I was running to get away from this moment of misery!

How did I step off the hamster wheel?

By being, rather than doing.

My job is to help you go from a stuck human doing to a happy human being!

Your authentic self is in there. They’ve called to you before, but maybe you didn’t know how to listen.

Maybe you have listened at times, but not others.

Deciding to fully embrace this light within you is the key to your transformation.

Don’t be fooled—this is work. But if you’re willing to look, happiness becomes available.

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Training and qualifications.

Training and qualifications.

  • Certified Hoffman Process Teacher & Coach

  • Certified professional life coach

  • Certified professional fitness trainer

  • Certified health and nutrition coach

  • M.A. Mindfulness Studies

  • MB-EAT® qualified instructor

  • Qualified mindfulness meditation instructor

  • TSM (Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness®) training

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